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Mesa Arch in Canyonlands is something to see. I got some great pics at Sunrise.

We saw it from the air. I bet it would be pretty at sunrise given the terrain

We saw the moon rise at Arches. It was only a day or two past full but I’d never seen it come up like that before

The star gazing at Bryce canyon (we were very lucky to get a clear sky and a new moon), was incredible. It felt fake, like there was a dome they were projecting images onto.

Some of my photos have these large streaks of moving lights together. Apparently those are SpaceX or StarLink or something like that. There are several groups of them visible in a few photos, and apparently only going to get much worse – so that is somewhat disappointing.

I have some of those two from the two nights I went out. I need to look through the photos but I think the second night (when I was trying to photograph the Milky Way and amphitheater together) was so dark my camera wasn’t focusing well.

That said I think I got some cool night shots both there and at our lodge outside Moab.