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frozen4champs wrote:

First vacation/airplane trip in 2 years. A couple of observations.

— I would say about 40% of the stores @ MSP were not open. ( we were there in the middle of the day) I’m guessing worker shortage in most cases

— Pet peeve #2 was all of those stupid scooters that were just left all over the sidewalks in downtown Nashville.

1. We flew last Labor Day and the percentage of closed stores was a lot higher. Most of the fast food type places were closed. Only certain sit down restaurants and some fast casual type places were open and all had HUGE lines. I was recommending to anyone who was travelling to either eat before they got to the airport or to allow extra time to wait in line at the places that were open.

2. Totally agree with you. Scooters are EVERYWHERE in Nashville. I found this article from May 2021 about scooter accidents in Nashville.


From the article:

The research found that most riders involved in a crash were local and lived outside of the Nashville city center.

Most crashes occurred as people were coming off of sidewalks into driveways or crosswalks.

The study focused on 52 reports of E-scooter crashes in Nashville over two years.

Another interesting note: when looking at those crashes, they found that alcohol was not a factor in most of them, and that most occurred during the day.