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First vacation/airplane trip in 2 years. A couple of observations.

— Every worker we encountered at the airport/airlines were nothing short of super pleasant. I’m sure they take a good deal of crap enforcing the mask mandates.

— I would say about 40% of the stores @ MSP were not open. ( we were there in the middle of the day) I’m guessing worker shortage in most cases

— Hotel we stayed at in Nashville showed no signs of worker storage. It is a new hotel, only open about a month.

— Bars in Nashville definitely showed of worker shortages. Service was slow, as not enough staff. Most rooftops you had to go to the bar to get your drinks.

— Beer prices have gone up pretty good since our last visit, as one could expect.

— Stayed in the Cities for a couple of days when we flew back in. Stayed at a hotel on the 494 strip. It is our normal one we stay at when we come for hockey. Medium priced hotel. No room cleaning until day 3 of your stay. If you want towels, you need to get new ones at the desk. Breakfast was non existent. Didn’t mind any of this really, but am concerned that with less employees for up keep, this place could easily go down hill.

— My biggest pet peeve from the trip is that there was no free wifi on our flight back. No way that any airline, airport, major hotel, or any large place that you are spending significant time at should not have free wifi. I just expect it now. I guess I’m spoiled.

— Pet peeve #2 was all of those stupid scooters that were just left all over the sidewalks in downtown Nashville.