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While I didn’t travel to Florida or Hawaii, my family and I did get the hell out of Mankato this past weekend. We decided to go to Duluth, my first trip ever. It was nice to put faces with the names of places that everyone has mentioned here about visiting during game weekends. While the weather sucked on Saturday we still found plenty to do even in the less than ideal weather conditions.

We stayed at the Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park. All the hotels along the lake were packed and the sidewalks and shops were full of people all weekend long too. The highlights were seeing a couple ships enter and leave, the liftbridge to me is such an engineering spectacle. The Canadian ship Spruceglen yelled that they were “taking a shipful of covid away to help us out”. Mighty polite of them.

The only taproom that we went to was Ursa Minor, nice spot with good beer and excellent wood fired pizza. We hit up Gronk’s on Saturday night and Anchor Bar for lunch yesterday over in Superior for burgers, and went to the Duluth Grill for breakfast yesterday morning. All of them had great food and service.

We spent a good portion of the weekend looking for agates, my wife and daughter are rock nerds. We went over to Two Harbors on Saturday and swung through Brighton Beach, the weather made those stops short. Yesterday we went to Park Point Beach to search for more agates and had much better weather and luck.

Overall it was a great weekend with no real plans and it worked out great! We are already starting to plan our next trip up later this year to see more of the area.