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17 days till I go to Honolulu, I have my 72 hr pre flight Covid test set at MSP so I will not be in any lockdown 😎👌

Hope you trip goes well!

Is the 72 hour MSP test instant results? I will be interested to here how the process works for you, Mrs. GE and I are hoping to go in late November/early December. We wanted to go in 2020 but it didn’t make sense, hopefully this year. Aloha!

Yes I depart on 3-19-21 I have my 72 hr prior testing set on 3-16-21 and it takes 24-48 yrs to get results so I should be fine, no Covid results

Will you still be alive when those results come back? ;)

There’s an old Air Force phrase that says only two things fall out of the sky … bird :censored: and idiots

That said I still am interested at some point in being that type of idiot