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Zwak wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

I also flew into Newark and circled as Air Force One landed ahead of our flight. We just happed to have the gate across from the area they parked AFO. It was cool to see it close up. It was even cooler to see the weird small black jet that pulled up next to it as we waited the deboard. The wings even folded so I assume it was a navy jet.

On the way out of the airport I was stuck in a traffic jam as the presidents motorcade returned to the airport (short speech). Just as the motorcade goes by 3 Ospreys took off from just behind a fence by my car and nearly made me poop my pants.

I used to work in a building in Eagan near 494 & Lone Oak. My office was on the 4th floor. One time when George W Bush was President he flew into MSP. Air Force One flew right over our building and was pretty low as it was so close to the airport. It was really cool and everyone on our floor applauded as it passed over. You could also see the massive lineup of aircrafts at MSP that had to wait for AFO to land and taxi.

I’ve seen AIr Force One up close once while at Andrew’s AFB and it’s definitely a cool sight.

When I was in the Air Force I was one of two officers in the running for a job to be a communications officer on the Secretary of Defense’s airplane (which was housed in Omaha at the time). Part of me regrets bowing out before they made their choice because the job could have been cool

I’ve been in or on a bunch of military planes over the years but the coolest experience for me was seeing the B2 fly right over my car on base one day. Back in the late 90s you rarely ever saw one so that added to the intrigue for me