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Zwak wrote:

My wife and I want to visit Washington DC once COVID settles down and attractions start to reopen (like the Smithsonian). There is so much to see in DC so I’m wondering what the must-see sites should be on our first visit?

We went for a week in 2010. When the week was up we realized we had just scratched the surface so we went for another week in 2011. Where to start with highlights?

1. We contacted our Congressman who lined up a Capitol and White House Tour. Those were great.

2. The Metro is super easy to navigate.

3. Arlington National Cemetery is a must. And we walked up to the Robert E. Lee house that overlooks the cemetery. Also interesting. And at the bottom of the hill is the US Marines (Iwo Jima) Memorial.

4. We took a night tour called Monuments by Moonlight that I’ve recommended to many people. The Korean Memorial will give you goosebumps at night.

5. Toured Ford’s Theatre.

6. Took a Gray Line guided bus tour to Gettysburg. This was an all day trip but worth every minute.

7. Of the Smithsonian, our favorites were Natural History and Air and Space and Udvar Hazy.

8. One memorial you don’t hear much about but we really liked was the FDR. There is a section for each of his terms.

9. Met up with a friend who drove us down to Mount Vernon which is also very worthwhile.