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MNNavy wrote:

1. Arlington, Tomb of the Unknowns (make sure you’re there for the changing of the guard), Iwo Jima/USMC Memorial, JFK’s tomb/Eternal Flame.

2. Holocaust museum – IIRC, this requires reservations (even pre-COVID), unless you are a veteran.

3. National Mall – Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Vietnam memorial, Lincoln memorial, Korean War memorial.

4. MLK, FDR, and Jefferson memorials.

5.Take an Uber/Lyft to Mount Vernon

6. Air & Space Museum, American History Museum, National Archives.

7. Capitol tour – as someone else mentioned, if they’re even conducting tours any more after what happened on 1/6. Contact your representative as soon as you know what dates you’ll be there, and they may be able to arrange a personal tour or a meeting with your representative.

3. The Vietnam, Korean and Lincoln memorials are all stunning and beautifully designed. I have to say though I’ve never seen a more atrocious design then the WWII memorial! Design by committee with just about everything but the freakin kitchen sink added in. There’s no dignity at all. The intent was noble, the end result is terrible. JMHO, but they botched the idea big time.