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YoungEagle wrote:

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My wife and I plan on visiting DC hopefully within this decade, probably after G-man finishes his post-secondary education in 4-6 years. She has been there twice for work and the one place that made the biggest impact on her was the Holocaust Museum. Everyone that has been to that has said the same thing. The top two on my list is the Vietnam Wall and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

For air and space check out the new Udvar-Hazy one. Really cool and you can check out a faux Air Control tower that is very close to Dulles. They have a live feed of pilots and tower controllers talk and you can (depending on the wind) get a great view of planes coming in for landing.

Not to mention they have an SR-71 blackbird, which is probably the coolest plane in the world. They also have an old Shuttle (Discovery?)

Thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize that there was this museum as well. Looking at the website they have some very nice exhibits of aviation history as well. I’ve seen an SR-71 at Hill Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah which was very cool to see up close. My other favorite there was the A-10…the gun on that this is soo cool! Admittedly though, I want to see the Spirit of St. Louis, Glamorous Glennis, and Friendship 7. Though I would like to the Wright Flyer in Udvar as well.