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Zwak wrote:

My wife and I want to visit Washington DC once COVID settles down and attractions start to reopen (like the Smithsonian). There is so much to see in DC so I’m wondering what the must-see sites should be on our first visit?

I’ve been a regular visitor to DC for many years, both my husband and I had separate conferences (fall and spring) so I went for 3-4 days twice a year.

I’d look at the various museums and pick ONE a day. They are massive. And don’t try and see every exhibit or display, pick a selection that interests you. All the museums have their rotating exhibits online so you can see what’s new. I love the Air and Space, American History, the Native American museum is wonderful. I haven’t seen the new African one, tickets were still hard to come by. I love the Renwick, which focuses on craft. 2 years ago they had art from Burning Man that was fantastic. Last year it was Native American Women artists, both traditional and contemporary. It’s small and very do-able in an hour or two. Contact one of our Senators to get White House tour tickets, you have to have those arranged ahead of time. The Lincoln memorial and the path around the Tidal Basin is a wonderful walk. If been very lucky to be there for the cherry blossoms, but anytime of year is a nice. Arlington is at least a half day, easily more. It’s also directly on the Metro line.

Take the Metro! It’s super easy, clean and well designed. We always stayed directly in DC so we bought a card. Took the Metro to and from the airport, you can go to Georgetown and Alexandria, all very easily. Both are very upscale shopping and sort of touristy, but off the main drags have beautiful old architecture and house tours. Parking is a nightmare everywhere in the area so don’t get a car if you don’t have to. Saving money on an outer burb hotel is offset by car rental and parking. It’s often a wash so I’d skip the car.

There are fabulous restaurants in DC, I hope they’ve survived. PM if you want some ideas. But yes to crab cakes, chowder and DC Happy Hours!