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– There are a handful of monuments at night are spectacular. You can do a nice loop starting at the Lincoln memorial then swing over to Korean, MLK, FDR, then a quick walk around the tidal pool to Jefferson. You will notice a the Jefferson Memorial they keep the trees clear so Tom can keep an eye on The White House, one of my favorite things is sitting on the steps of the memorial with that view.

– Look for Kilroy a the WWII memorial!

– The Einstein sculpture near the Vietnam Memorial is pretty cool

– The “Exorcist Steps” in Georgetown are cool – that entire area is a neat walking destination

– When at Arlington make sure to visit the Lee House – No better view of DC – and seeing the early Civil War graves right at Mrs, Lee’s rose garden is sombering

– Also at Arlington, Lee Marvin and Joe Louis are buried (IIRC) close to the path leading to the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier

– There is only one DaVinci piece in the US for public viewing, it’s in the National Gallery