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It’s a lot easier to plan around peak times and expensive airfare or lodging when you don’t have to worry about school schedules. I mentioned Thailand earlier but we also ended up in Mendoza Argentina one year because it was cheaper in May than a week in Napa Valley/Sonoma.

I think Disney is a little more expensive than other vacation hotspots but I’m not sure it’s too over the top for the experience you get. They are very good at entertaining and being able to be very kid centric while giving adults a fun time as well. I’m not an every year Disney person but I like going there every few years. My wife and I have gone to DisneyWorld once by ourselves too for a long weekend and had a blast. There are ways to do Disney where it’s not ridiculously expensive though too as others have mentioned

Part of the reason we go on our summer vacation the last week before Labor Day is because it’s not really peak season anymore in a lot of places. We generally save some on lodging but there are more options and the attractions are basically empty. I know cost is a big consideration for many people but staying away from peak times is always a way to help mitigate cosr