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fightclub30 wrote:

For those that aren’t away Extra Magic Hours are gone as of last week (disappeared when then first re-opened, and Disney formally announced they arent coming back). And Disney’s Magical Express (“Free” shuttle from MCO to Disney resorts) is ending at the end of the year as well.

As Disney has made more and more ticketed events, and more and more people purchased tickets, they have discovered they can charge for anything and everything and people will pay.

Look for Fast Pass+ to be an item for purchase in the near future (Fast Passes also haven’t reappeared since they re-opened). And plenty of people will pay, just like at most other resorts (Universal, Cedar Fair, Six Flags, etc.) There are arguments that Fast Passes make lines artificially longer, so maybe it will be for the best.

Disney used to be for everyone, but it is being priced out of many people’s range very quickly. I could go on for a bit, but I will lay off.

Disney has replaced the Extra Magic Hour at a select park each day with 30 minute early entrance an any park you want. So less time, but more choice in where you use it each day.

We haven’t ever had to pay for a ticket aside from the Halloween treat, which we have done twice at Disneyland, but never at Orlando. I don’t know of a ton of other ticketed events. The first time we did Halloween treat it was at California Adventure and we had a blast. It was worth it. The 2nd time it was at Disneyland and we didn’t have as much fun.

Cutting out the bus from the airport I am sure is a cost cutting measure due to the huge losses they are taking due to Covid. I wouldn’t be shocked if that came back once things are back to normal. We’ve never used that bus though since we always have a rental car. Disney is keeping bus service from resort to resort.

I really hope Disney never goes the route of Universal and makes you pay for Fast Pass. That would be disappointing.