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Kelly Red wrote:

Part of me is with Cowgirl, I think the idea of having to tackle an amusement park like it’s a freakin’ NASA mission is painful. Plotting your day of rides on a spreadsheet sounds exhausting and joyless. I get that Disney has made themselves a juggernaut, and with kids it’s hard to escape their clutches, but no thank you, it’s become too big and too crowded.

I went to Disneyland as a kid, back when there really were E tickets (loved it) and once as an adult with a wedding group. I’d never go back.

I agree it’s not for everyone. For our family though, we are not the types that can sit at a pool or on the beach for more than about an hour without getting bored. We went to an all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta a few years ago and spent most of the day adventuring and hardly any time at the resort. Probably didn’t get our money’s worth of “free” food and beverage but it was more fun for us to go out and about.

I think Disney sounds more daunting than it is though. If you do a little research it can go a long way. No different than if you were planning a camping or hiking trip.

Oh absolutely, some people love it. Now I could sit by the pool all damn day with a book and an umbrella drink :dup: But we don’t have kids so that’s a huge factor. I don’t manage my husbands time on vacation, I can’t imagine entertaining a whole family!