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Cowgirl wrote:

I presume a fast pass is something you pay extra for that lets you cut lines? So what happens when everyone else does that too – or do they have a cap on how many per day?

Anyone can get fast passes. They are free. If you stay in a Disney resort you can reserve fast passes 60 days in advance. If you’re not in a Disney resort you can only reserve 30 days in advance. But a lot of them you will just pick up during the day while you’re in the park.

You can only hold 3 advance fast passes at a time but as you use them up you can pick up more. You manage it through an app and then you have an electronic wristband that identifies you (you scan it when you enter the park and when you go on a fast pass line).

Universal is different. You have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for their express ride system (depending on the day, it can cost almost as much as your park ticket) or stay at one of their ultra expensive resorts that includes that already. It ended up being cheaper for us to stay at the expensive resort (for our family of 4) rather than buy individual express passes. But we only did it for one night and then we switched to a much cheaper Disney resort.