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Cowgirl wrote:

How in the heck do you wait hours on end multiple times a day for one ride, especially with kids? That seems like a miserable experience – with or without kids!

I’ve never understood this either. It’s the same thing with the princess meets as well. We’d see lines of people and my daughter would say “that’s ok let’s go do something else because I don’t want to wait in line”

The only time that didn’t happen was when Big Thunder broke down while we were in line. The wait time was 25 minutes when we entered but it broke down about halfway into that wait. I suggested we go because the line didn’t move but she was practically in tears because she loved the ride and wanted to wait it out, so we waited it out.

We just really try to set expectations before we go on a trip anywhere. We’ve found if we do that it works really well and she can be flexible.