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Cowgirl wrote:

How in the heck do you wait hours on end multiple times a day for one ride, especially with kids? That seems like a miserable experience – with or without kids!

Well, the answer for us is, we don’t. We go in when the park opens, ride those rides and maybe go back later with a fast pass (wait time less than 15 minutes) and that’s it. The longest I’ve ever waited for a ride is 45 minutes and that’s very rare. If you manage the fast passes well, you shouldn’t have to wait those kinds of times for rides.

Our typical Disney days were get to the park an hour before they open (even when we had the early entrance if staying at a Disney resort) and do stuff til 1 or 2pm. Then take a break and relax (naps when our kids were younger, or naps for me regardless). Sometimes we’d eat a late lunch/early dinner off site so it wasn’t as expensive and then we’d head back to the parks at night for a few more hours. Sometimes we’d switch parks for the 2nd one.

It also helps to use touringplans.com to help you choose which parks on which day to go to based off crowd levels. They will also help you plan your day out strategically to reduce your wait times.

If you just go in and “wing it” you will probably have long wait times.