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Bertogliat wrote:

We chose to go to Disneyworld over MEA in 2019 because we were told it isn’t that busy. It was so incredibly busy. Hours long lines. The only way we were able to get on rides was due to our staying on site and having fast pass access. I’ve loved Space Mountain since I first rode it in 5th grade. I went back once in High School and the ride was closed for reconstruction (Wally World Moment to say the least). When we went in 2019 I could only ride it once since the line was sooo long. Major bummer.

I can’t imagine the viral fumes in the waiting lines for some of these rides.

Believe it or not, October is considered a lower crowd time. So you can just imagine what it looks like in the summer, Christmas, or spring break. You have to be a pro at managing fast passes to get on the good rides, luckily my wife is really good at it. That’s the other reason we show up an hour before the parks open. You can usually ride 2 or 3 popular rides first thing in the morning before the lines are super long.

Regarding the viral fumes – masks are mandatory at all times (except “eating or drinking while stationary”) so assuming masks work, it should be fine (and Disney definitely enforces the mask rule – there was 99.9% compliance). I was more worried about the airplane than Disney in terms of catching Covid. Definitely no worse than eating out in a restaurant here right now, where people don’t have masks on at all. Disney also has parties spaced 6 feet apart in line and has some plexiglass barriers set up where the queue lines run parallel to each other. I was super impressed by the precautions they had in place.