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davescharf wrote:

Right – our kids are 10 & 2. The trip last summer was more about Universal since she’s into everything Harry Potter but we were going to spend a few days at DIsney as well.

We aren’t hardcore Disney people but we have been a number of times and done two cruises. I joke my wife is a junior member of the Disney Cult. I actually love the parades, nighttime shows etc because that is what really differentiates them from other amusement parks.

We do want to see the Christmas and Halloween stuff at Disney though because we’ve heard it’s pretty cool

The Halloween stuff would definitely be there if you went MEA. The Christmas stuff is cool too. We went one year at the beginning of December and they had all the Christmas stuff up and avoided the crowds that way. We’ve never gone in the summer due to the crowds and heat/humidity.

I’m not a huge Universal fan. Harry Potter world at both parks is amazing, but the rest of Universal is pretty blah for me. I’m just not that into simulator rides and that’s what a lot of Universal is. We basically just went to Universal because my daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan. I actually thought about taking my son fishing that day but by the time I thought of it my wife had already bought our Universal tickets so we were stuck.