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I am currently set to go to Hawaii in March, the hotel I am staying at has told me masks required at the outdoor pool,might have cancel

Was the requirement at Disneyworld too (were there the week after Christmas). We just skipped the pool. But we did have to wear masks indoors/outdoors the entire time at Disneyworld and Universal. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

This is why we postponed our Disney and Universal trip last summer. We are currently booked to do it this summer but we will likely move it again. Wearing a mask in Florida summer heat is not appealing at all & frankly we don’t think the experience will be anything like pre COVID at this time

Our family is pretty hard core when it comes to Disneyworld (we have been many times and we are the people that are lined up 1 hour before they open).

I can see the part about Florida heat and the mask. Yeah probably more annoying. When we went after Christmas highs were in the 70s so the mask wasn’t a big deal. For us, we normally would never go to Disneyworld after Christmas since it’s probably the busiest time of year there – in a normal year. FYI – MEA break in October is a great time to go to Disneyworld where the crowds aren’t too bad and the weather isn’t super hot.

Disneyworld is currently running at 35% capacity though, so the crowds were minimal. The biggest difference right now is that there are no fast passes (but since there is only 35% capacity, the lines were tolerable for the most part). There are no scheduled parades or character greetings, so if you have little kids that may take some fun out of it. The restaurants are at limited capacity too and no buffets. But again, since the park is only at 35% capacity, it’s not hard to get into a restaurant.

So I would say if you have little kids or it’s your first time to go to Disneyworld, I’d wait til the Covid stuff is over. If you’re like us and do Disney a lot and have older kids, it’s a great time to go. We also got a really good deal on airfare and hotel.

Disney Springs (the old downtown Disney) has a mask mandate too and there were wait times to get into some of the stores, but restaurants weren’t bad to get into.

Universal does things a little differently – they are not at full capacity but I don’t think they have published what they are running at. They have this weird system that once they hit a certain number, they shut down the park to new people for the day (unless you’re staying at a Universal resort). We were leaving Islands of Adventure around 11AM and they were making the announcement that the parks were full for the day. There were lots of disappointed people outside the gates.

Disney right now you have to have a reservation at a specific park for the day your are going. If you don’t have a reservation you can’t get in. But we had no problem getting a reservation for the parks we wanted and we didn’t book our trip til about 3 weeks out.