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Idontknow wrote:

Norm wrote:

Dave, I posted this 2 years ago. We went in Oct. I think summer would be too hot.

Norm wrote:

Back from our first time visit of Utah. What a gorgeous state. We flew in to St George in the SW corner, rented a car, and headed NE for 10 days visiting Zion Nat’l Park, Bryce Canyon NP, Capital Reef NP, Canyonlands NP, and Arches NP, then drove to Grand Junction CO and flew home.

The NP’s are all beautiful in their own way and all are a hikers paradise.

Scenic Hwy 12 between Bryce and Capital Reef is like a freaking thrill ride. Lots of hairpin curves hanging on the wall of a canyon. When we finished it my hands were stuck to the steering wheel. I must have been gripping it that tight without realizing it.

Zion has a slick way of moving people around. Everyone parks by the gate and boards a free shuttle bus. The shuttle has 9 stops for hopping off or on. They come by every 5-10 minutes so you never wait long. What a great idea to eliminate congestion.

Moab sucks. It seems to be a haven for ATV’s and dirt bikers.

I have been to Zion twice, both times in October. Weather was great – 60’s to low 70’s and it wasn’t crowded at all. I would also second the comment someone made about buying beer before you get to Utah. A lot of it that’s available is lower alcohol content, poor selection, and expensive.

Springdale is a good point to stay for Zion. You are right there at the main entrance and there are hotels, restaurants, and a grocery store. They have a bus/trolley system that takes you from Springdale into the park.

Yeah, not only does the trolley run from town to the park, but it also goes to the other end of town and drops off at the restaurants. We really liked Springdale. There’s really only one street.