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fightclub30 wrote:

Norm wrote:

Fightclub, Zion was my favorite. In Oct it was not crowded at all. The RiversideWalk leading to the Narrows was one of the best hikes we’ve ever done and was also easy enough for us geezers.

And we too stopped in for a beer at Zion Canyon Brewing. The Oktoberfest was good.

Yeah, thats why I put the * next to Zion. Our experience isn’t necessarily typical. It was a gorgeous park for sure. Some recent rain had put a damper our visit, as 2 of the hikes we really wanted to do were closed (angels landing and hidden canyon). Driving there we also didn’t know the one way tunnel was closed for repair, so we sat in a 3-4 hour line to get into the park from that direction which ate a big chunk our first day. Then the crowds were just unbearable. We couldn’t get away from people, smokers/vapers, and bluetooth speakers, ugh.

It was a let down coming from Yosemite and Sequoia the year before, which probably have more people but seem to be better setup to handle the crowds. It was pretty easy to get away and suddenly feel like there was hardly anybody around for 200 miles. Whereas the Zion hikes we did, observation point and narrows in particular, felt like it was cheek to cheek hiking with people who didn’t care about sharing the park. To do the Canyon Overlook trail we had to circle past 4-5 times before finding a parking spot to be able to do the hike.

The risks we saw people take, in particular at Zion, to get a cool picture for instagram or whatever was somewhat concerning. Dangling from ledges, leaving the trail despite signs and chains asking them not to.

I’d like to go back when more of the park is open, and not so busy either.

We must be walking in your footsteps as the following spring we did Sequoia and Yosemite in early May. We just got ahead of the big crowds that come after Memorial Day. And the waterfalls were fabulous from the snow melt.