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theriot wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

If it weren’t for COVID, we would be enjoying our 2nd full day on Maui. I am not taking it well that our Hawaiian Christmas was cancelled so I am looking for a post COVID trip.

I’ve never been to Europe. I am considering a Mediterranean cruise for the family. I have no idea what the best time of year is to travel, the best cities to visit or how much to budget. I am not looking to go cheap ass. But I am not looking for a yacht either. Nice cruise line with a balcony.

I have taken one cruise in my life and it was an Alaskan cruise. I won’t ever take a cool weather cruise again. I want to have warmth on the deck and drink cocktails while at sea.

We did a Mediterranean cruise 10 years or so ago, starting in Barcelona, a couple of stops in the south of France, and a bunch of stops in Italy. It was alright, but I’m not a big fan of cruises on the ocean in general.

Best trip I’ve been on was a river cruise, started in Cologne, and ended on land in Munich. I really enjoyed having a lot less people than an ocean cruise. I think ours was only 50% capacity, with a total of around 50 people (usually 100). Everything was included, small group tours/excursions, meals and liquor/beer on the boat as well as most on land. It’s somewhat expensive, but we didn’t really have to pay for much of anything once we got there.

I am also not a fan of cruises. I hate getting off a boat with thousands of people knowing everyone in town hates us for being there. Seems like a fake experience.

I honestly would only prefer to cruise the Caribbean so I can ignore the ports and chill.