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You’re a brave man wanting to go on a cruise anytime in 2021 and maybe even 2022. Most cruises there will occur in the summer because fall is when they reposition ships to the Caribbean and spring is when they go back to places like Europe.

The common places they seem to stop that I’d want to go are Barcelona, Sicily, and the Greek Isles. One year we will probably do a trip like this

If you’re looking non-cruise I’d say to check out places like London or Bavaria/Austria. A lot though depends on what you want to do because if you’re into churches and museums then there’s a ton of other really cool places like Florence.

We have found a really good time to travel anywhere seems to be right before school starts in the fall. You’ll miss the European summer holiday and probably a lot of the tourists while the weather is still nice.

If you do go the non cruise route look at doing a stopover in Iceland. It’s beautiful there and was a fun 3-4 day (or shorter if you want) place to visit before continuing onto Europe.

You’ll get a lot of great ideas since you’ve never been to Europe. There’s so many interesting places there