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Kelly Red wrote:

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Kelly Red wrote:

Drive 30 minutes east one day to Cass Lake. Sail Star Marina. Darryl will rent you a fishing boat or a pontoon and you can motor around the islands; Star, Cedar and the Potatoes. Go ashore on Star (north portage) and it’s a 20 ft walk to the lake inside an island in a lake! It’s cool.

Tell Darryl the Ryan’s recommended the marina and he’ll be extra nice. We’ve known him for decades.

When I type Sailstar Marina into Google Maps, it says it’s permanently closed. :confused2:

:conf2: Well that’s weird and simply not true. They are open and operational. Gas dock open. Boat launch open. They are blocking people from coming inside and their public restrooms are closed, but they are open.

And I just Googled them and where does it say permanently closed? My screen shows them currently open, closing at 5 with all the contact info. Plus a Google map showing their location. Very odd you get different info.

I was just there last week. Guessing something didn’t update after COVID. They have a bunch of signs and whatnot up about masks and social distancing and their retail/office area is closed, but they are still gassing up boats and working on them. Red, I have known Daryl since I was I was a kid, my Dad has known him longer. I would go rent a boat from Stony Point about 2 miles further down the road on Highway 2 before I would rent one from Sail Star and thats if you can get Daryl to stop walking away from you long enough to ask him a question…I only dump my pontoon in there once or twice a summer. but I know things are different for all of you on Star.

There are so many other things to do up there too (Lake Windigo in Star Island is a cool experience thought). There is the the Chippewa National Forest historic office building in Cass Lake. It was built by the CCC and completed in 1935.

https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/chippewa/about-forest/offices/?cid=fsm9_016547” class=”bbcode_url”>https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/chippewa/about-forest/offices/?cid=fsm9_016547

Depending on the day of the week you are there, there is Lyle’s Logging Camp in Cass Lake that has old logging cabins set up as they were back in the heyday of logging days.

There is Lost Forty tract of old growth Norway pine trees that were missed back in the logging days due to a mapping issue.

In Bemidji, you should eat at Fozzie’s BBQ. I like their BBQ burrito…you can look it up, but never had a bad meal there. Another decent place to eat is 209 Bar, but I have heard rumblings that it may have gone down a bit since they expanded.