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Thomps wrote:

gopherguy06 wrote:

Our friend has their wedding in Greece (Mykonos) in Sept and we want to go, but not sure if the wedding will go on as planned and if it will be worth traveling by then. Watching closely.

Greece wasn’t hit very hard by the virus, and they are opening up to travel rapidly, even to people from the US. Your bigger problem might be if you have a flight. If we see a second spike, the EU might tighten up the borders for flights from the US, or require a 2 week quarantine. Our flight to Croatia in July was cancelled last week.

Right, Greece wasn’t impacted a ton or as bad as others, especially Mykonos, an island, but the problem would be getting there and with layovers in Athens/Paris/Amsterdam, etc, it would be tough to be sure and not impacted by it. So hard to gauge.