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Made the same mistake as well, except for it is the Marriott properties, and concierge lounge access.

The Marriott concierge lounges are fantastic when they have liquor. In Tokyo our Marriott had the best lounge we hit happy hour every day almost and were primed for dinner. Saved us tonnes of cash.

Every Marriott/Sheraton lounge I have been to in Europe, had at a minimum, wine and beer to go with full meals. Or course I had to partake in a few. The one in Como, Italy made you anything you wanted for breakfast, with along everything fresh (juices, fruits, breads…), all while overlooking Lake Como and the hills. It was rough. :)

Lake Como (Italy not Saint Paul) is quite possibly the most pleasant place on Earth.

Sounds like you need to take a trip to Berchtesgaden, Germany or Hallstatt, Austria. You might change your mind. Como is very busy, especially in comparison.

I am sure you have a family member who is close to retirement, 30 years “on the job”, has Dual Citizenship, and likes hockey who could pay for the trip. :mrgreen:

Berchtesgaden is in the plans for this year… if this little world wide situation sorts itself out in time.

It’s beautiful all year round, but I’m partial to winter. I’ve been there twice in December to witness the Krampus / Buttenmandel parades. Check out the Buttenmandel Wiki for interest.

I just hope we can go. A couple friends of mine have never been to the Wiesn and we are planning on Berchtesgaden/Eagle’s Nest after Munich before heading to Austria. I kind of want to grab a bier now!!