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Last year we booked a trip to go to Grand Teton and Yellowstone in late May to the first few days of June. Obviously we are in unprecedented times, but looking to see if anyone has any advice.

We booked most of our reservations using Chase Ultimate Rewards points we had been saving up for awhile. This appears to be a giant mistake right now.

Last week we recieved word that our lodging for the Grand Teton portion of the trip will be closed through June 7th, and our Lodge for a significant portion of the Yellowstone visit is closed through June 1st.. Both have emailed saying they have cancelled reservations and provided refunds. We didn’t get a refund. I called the hotel and they said they showed no money on our reservation and we would have to call Chase. Chase still shows all our reservations as a go…

I called Chase and they refuse to help me. They are only helping travellers who are within the next 7 days. There is a significant amount of points hanging out there on these reservations. All had some non-refundable deposits. I assume I get my deposit back on the 2 that are closed. They other 1 I will pay the deposit on to cancel/move. I can cancel on the Chase website, but they all show me as getting a refund minus the deposit, 2 nights worth in both cases. The only thing I was able to cancel without hassle was the rental car.

Delta, who we are flying, cannot help us either as we booked through chase. They only thing I can do there is a flat out cancellation, and then I don’t know what happens to my ticket… We paid $1,600 for 3 tickets and I am not really feeling like making a $1,600 donation to Delta.

We have found dates in September that work for us, and are hoping things return to normal by then. We have booked some hotels in September that either have fully-refundable deposits or very small non-refundable ones in the event we find a flight that can work. I’d just prefer to book them on points, we saved almost 200,000 points for this trip and it would be nice to use them instead of cash before they are completely worthless.

I am afraid if we wait until May 20th (7 days from our original departure) there may not be a flight available that still works with our hotels. And the hotels are filling up quickly with people re-booking.

Any ideas from my verteran/savvy travelers? Do I just cancel on Delta.com, wait for my eVoucher, and re-book the flight in September we want? If That flight gets moved because this thing drags out much longer, do we still get our original $1,600 flight value? Or the value of a similar ticket on the new flight which is significantly cheaper (about half)?

Again, first world problems and not a super high priority given the circumstances. Just thought I’d ask for input.