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Casey has had a very good streak on a putrid Buffalo squad. However, he played about 130 games of hot garbage for a bad Buffalo squad. He earned himself another minimal one year deal. 👍👍

Of course, the other end of the stick is that he’s been on a nice streak while playing for a crappy team without much support. Imagine if he played on a better team with high-end players around him. Middelstadt has always had the skill set to play at this level. He just came in too early, and from a maturity standpoint he wasn’t ready.

Yes, maybe this is an anomaly, but there are examples all over the league of players who figure it out after a couple years – especially the guys who come in when they’re 19-20 years old. Mike Reilly has taken several years to find his stride at this level. Even very good players, like Brodin, hit a streak where they just go to another gear. I remember Jason Zucker was flying all over the place his first couple years in the NHL, but he was not a good hockey player and even enjoyed some time in the minors. There are many more examples, but you get the point.

He was the 8th overall pick & came out after one year in college, that’s not unusual for a top ten pick. In hindsight, ya, another year probably would have made more sense, but the Gophers were also going through a coaching change, although I’m sure CM would have enjoyed playing for TBob, he certainly thrived under him at the WJC. But…he’s also earned several million dollars the past few years in salary & bonus while most players his age have earned zero dollars to date..Bottom line, he’s a former Gopher player (albeit just one season) & has represented the M proudly. So I pull for his success. Why a certain non MN graduate poster comes on GPL & has reveled in it…whenever Casey has struggled at the NHL level…speaks volumes about that individual, plain & simple. ☝️

I don’t think streaky was criticizing his decision to leave so much as pointing out it likely had an impact on his getting acclimated to the big leagues.

While I concur with streakys above post, I wasn’t referring to It with my response …you know who I was referring to.