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Is there a point to the Casey Middlestadt negativism, or is this a case of people predicting he’d fail just wanting to be right and then gleefully tabulating his troubles?

I felt he left college way too early, but I’m pulling for him to make it in the NHL. Hopefully, he can put enough of his game together to become a journeyman player of sorts, but I don’t get the schadenfreude shtick around here when a player goes on to struggle at the next level.

As a fan of the game, I am as disappointed as the next guy when a player who comes in with hype lays an egg on the ice. I can even be accused of making an unflattering observation now and then, but overall I wish for good people to find success. There have been a lot of players here who have been savaged for nothing more than doing what the coaches asked of them and representing the program well along the way. That’s a shame.