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What happened to Paul Martin? Waivers today. Didn’t know his career was hitting the wall at the end that quickly.

Was injured most of the year. Rehabbed it, and now Sharks don’t have a spot for him. He has been a scratch for the last few weeks after coming back. Asked Sharks for a trade the other day. Looks like if he clears, he will report to AHL to try to get interest from others.

Getting paid $4,850,000 to play in the AHL isn’t a bad deal.



They may even have to take on a bad contract or eat some of his salary in order to accommodate Martin’s request, as the 36-year-old carries a $4.825 million salary-cap hit through the 2018-19 season. (Note: Martin was placed on waivers on Monday, and will be reassigned to the Barracuda if he clears).

Probably doesn’t make sense for the Wild, even if they could include Foligno, Stewart, and Quincey.