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Nate Schmidt signs 2 year deal with Golden Nights


Anyone see Nate making nearly $2.5 million a year in the NHL? Clearly a case of hard work paying off – congrats to him.

I love this. Kid is fun to watch and clearly has learned from the time he was a freshman at the U. Is there another player that has come in quite highly thought of, played so little their first year and then exploded the next two seasons. Would love to see him become a star for the Knights.

It is a great break for Nate to go to Las Vegas.

If you are talking about what a player did during their time as a Gopher, Tom Vannelli would be the best comparison to Schmidt point wise. Tommy V played in 17 games during his freshman season putting up three assists. He put up 177 points in the following three seasons to finish with 180 and he is currently the number 12 scorer all time for the Gophers. At St. Paul Academy he put up huge numbers too. His senior year (1973) he had 105 total points and 225 total career points.

Tom Vannelli


Nate Schmidt