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He was good as a freshman, too. He just got his pocket picked one time and some of the fans around here couldn’t let it go. :)

The thing he’s really gotten going is moving up into the play. He was very good in the playoffs.

Getting cut from the US Jr. team in the 11th hour his freshman year was kind of a wake up call too. He was able to channel his disappointment into positive motivation.

He had a GREAT rookie year. Players develop at different paces…in college Mike Reilly played better than Brady, but the tables turned on that in a big way this year. Hopefully Reilly will have a break out year in 2017-2018. Reilly defensive game needs to improve, he’s fine offensively.

Reilly was a scorer at the college level and won two All Americas because of it. Skjei was defensive minded, and why wouldn’t he be with Reilly and Marshall on the team? Maybe the Gophers’ coaches could have brought him along a little more offensively…the kid obviously had it in him.

I have high hopes for Reilly and the other young kid, Olofsson. They’re both great skaters but both still a ways from playing regularly in the line up.