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A couple of articles on some state produced talent.

Matt Cullen

What are the odds that Cullen joins Housley on staff somewhere as a coach (not necessarily NHL) next season? The only Minnesotan to end his career winning two straight championships in addition to his previous one would look good on any resume, I’d imagine.

I loved Russo’s column on Cullen this morning, especially what his three sons said to him after he missed on a glorious open net opportunity in an Eastern Conference final in Ottawa.


I missed that so thanks, it was a good read. I’ve always liked Cullen, and the fact he’s still going amazes me. I grew-up in the NW when Moorhead was just beginning as a power and while there were certainly guys I didn’t like (Jason Blake), I always had respect for the Cullens, pure class. Always liked Ryan Kraft, as well. Find it odd that Kraft and Matt both wear/wore #7, Broten influence perhaps?

I’m conflicted as to whom to root for. Pittsburgh has so many local guys it’s easy to get wrapped up and root for them. At the same time I want Housley to finally win one; at least that dubious distinction of the most NHL games played without one would only be partially true. This has easily been one of the most entertaining and emotionally invested Finals I’ve seen in years, and I don’t even know what team I want to win.