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Been wanting to try a beef brisket bowl at Chipotle for several weeks now. Had it set in my mind to have one this past Saturday pregame at the Chipotle on campus. My wife and I go in, she orders some chicken tacos. I ordered a brisket bowl and was told it’ll be 20 minutes. So I went with a steak bowl and well have to wait tell next time… lol!!!

I ordered their brisket burrito when it first came out. I used the app and it gave me a pick up time of 5:40 (20 minutes after I ordered). I got there at 5:40 and my food wasn’t ready and there was a huge line of people waiting for their food. My food ended up being ready 25 minutes later.

This isn’t a knock on the employees who are working at Chipotle as I know they are understaffed and working their tails off. If they are short staffed and experiencing longer wait times, corporate Chipotle should have the app give more appropriate pick up times. I would have been just fine if my pick up time would have said 1 hour instead of 20 minutes. I know several Chipotles have turned off mobile ordering and pick up because of staffing.

We have the same issue at the Chipotle 3-4 miles from my house. The situation is so bad I refuse to go there.

Somehow those geniuses thought it was smart to build another location 1 mile from my house. It is currently under construction. If you’re short staffed and cant get a burrito to a customer in under 45 minutes, why are you opening another location nearby?

Yep…I’m a member of several neighborhood Facebook groups and in every single one there are complaints about the Chipotle in their city. I have been avoiding Chipotle too but at the time the brisket burrito was supposedly limited time only so I wanted to get one. Definitely not going back to any of them until things get straightened out.