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The Strib is getting a new restaurant critic soon, Rick Nelson is changing roles within the paper. I really enjoyed his reviews but it sounds like he will be writing about architecture and I suspect those will be really good reads.


From the article


Q: Many people believe you have one of the best jobs on the planet. Why give it up?

A: I do think I have the best job at the newspaper, for all kinds of reasons. But I’m getting close to retirement and before I leave, I want to do something different. My role model is our former colleague Claude Peck. We did the Withering Glance column together for 10 years. And then, shortly before he retired, he switched from working for the A&E [arts and entertainment] section to the news side at night. I saw how happy and revitalized he was taking on a new challenge. That inspired me.

Q: A big part of your new role will be covering architecture. Why that area?

A: Someone reminded me recently that when I was a kid, I wanted to be an architect. But when I got to college, I was sort of lured away from it when I realized how much mathematics and physics were involved. I’ll also be contributing to the Homes section, which I’m really looking forward to.