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    Greyeagle wrote:

    Kelly Red wrote:

    Because it’s kind of messy (nothing wrong with that in the right situation) I have a great recipe where you cut off the kernels, sauté the corn and then toss with dressing made with Mayo, grated cheese, lime zest and juice, and a dash of chili powder. Tastes exactly like Elote grilled corn but easier to eat!

    Willing to share? Would love to try it when you have a chance – and you’re willing. :)

    Mexican Elote Corn

    3-4 ears corn, kernels cut off

    2 T Mayo

    1/2 lime, zest and juice

    1/2-1 tsp chili powder to taste

    1/2 cup finely grated parmigiana cheese

    Sauté corn in 1 T olive oil, until cooked but still crisp.

    Mix Mayo, lime zest, lime juice and chili powder in small bowl.

    Toss with the corn.

    Add cheese and toss again.

    Serving size depends…this will easily be consumed by my husband and I in one sitting.