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davescharf wrote:

I think some day (maybe as retirement comes into the horizon) I’d love to see the fair through the lens of one of the food booths like you’ve done. Just the experience of it would be interesting and getting a perspective of just how hard the work is would intrigue me a lot

My wife used to do food fests fairly often. Even doing one for 3 days was just short of a nightmare and never with a crowd approaching that of the Fair. I can’t imagine doing that for 10 days for several reasons.

I really liked working at The Blue Barn for several reasons (besides that the owners were acquaintances). (1) I knew it was going to be busy and time would go by really fast (2) It was a larger setting so there would be lots of different people and different jobs to do. I would hate to work in one of the Pronto Pup stands or something of similar size. Would just get boring and redundant.

Another aspect of menu items that I forgot to mention was the need to have different items to accommodate the many different dietary needs (gluten free, vegan/vegetarian, etc). Blue Barn had one set of fryers that was clearly marked that only one specific item was to be made in it as it was vegan and could not cross contaminate. They also did not have a single ingredient in the kitchen area or any menu item that contained nuts.

One thing I found interesting about the fair in general was the the apparent rarity of food safety issues. When the health inspector would come by I would ask how often they would find food safety issues. She said it was really rare as businesses were extra precautious as they could not afford any kind of shut down or bad publicity.