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Bertogliat wrote:

Zwak wrote:

Here is your list of the new State Fair foods coming this year


We may have jumped the shark. Nothing on this list sounds great to me. It seems with each dish, the vendor adds some odd ingredient that screws it up. And with several of them they just go full on add more ingredients until it’s so gross, people have to talk about it.

They put cotton candy on top of a fruit pie that is infused with vodka. People over the age of 7 don’t eat cotton candy….because it’s gross. Maybe this is meant for the Carnies.

imho nothing wrong with the banh minn, bison bites, the tipsy pies, banana pudding, choriz on a stick, greek ravioli, kati roll, naughty biscuit, pizza lucy, tuna tacos and the paneer. I wouldn’t eat most of it just because, but those look like normal fair food void of anything too outrageous.