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Snowcool08 wrote:

It’s still super annoying that many Chipotle restaurants are online only. I hate ordering online because they make the worst burritos/bowls possible. I’m sure they’re short staffed, but at least let me come in and have them make the bowl in front of me.

I don’t like Chipotle, but the rest of my family does. I refuse to even pick up food from Chipotle for them because it takes 45+ minutes to get our order.

The last time I went, I ordered online. I went to a lobby full of people waiting for their orders. Nothing was on the “To Go” shelf. After waiting another 10-15 minutes past my pick up time I see there is another shelf behind the counter. But no employee would come to the counter to announce the name on the bags or to allow me to ask if my bag was back there. Another 5-10 minutes went by before anyone come out form the kitchen area to help… and they only came out because I walked behind the counter to try to read the name on the bags.

Even before COVID the line at this restaurant was 30 minute long- often extending outside. The cashier was always the rate limiting step. Yet somehow they never considered…..TWO cashiers to speed up the process! :crazy: So many times I walked away because the wait was too long.

I can’t imagine how much business they loose due to poor service and resulting long wait times. They obviously have tons of people who like their food, but they can’t get their heads out of their butts to complete the sales.