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Steve MN wrote:

I suspect the game-night traffic from Target Center/Target Field/USBank Stadium will be good, but I definitely question whether that’s enough to be able to pay downtown rent. Because anyone not already downtown isn’t going to come in just to watch a game.

“• But Ryan told Nick that his bar concept is less reliant on office workers, as most of its business comes from sports fans eating and drinking before and after games, as well as during televised sporting events.”

This is the weird part. If your big crowd is serving people before and after games, then you don’t need a movie screen and shit loads of other TVs because the game won’t be playing while most of your customers are there. And I agree that you won’t likely get people to drive in from the burbs to watch a game at a bar downtown.

That said, there has been a lot of people who have moved into all of those new condos/apartments so maybe they do have a customer base. It’s a gamble.