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My wife and I are still looking for our taco hole… but our restaurant is hands down Ole Piper in Lakeville/Rosemount (Just like my house. In Rosemount, but pay Lakeville taxes). Plus, even though she doesn’t drink and I pretty much have stopped. It’s still within walking distance!!!

Ole Piper is good. A couple other places to try…

  • Babe’s Music Bar in downtown Lakeville – I haven’t had anything there that hasn’t been good, and they have the best ribs south of the river

  • Bourbon Butcher in Farmington – their smoked brisket is excellent. You also can’t go wrong with their smoked gouda mac & cheese
  • Can’t really help you with the taco hole. About the only Mexican restaurant we frequent is Teresa’s

    Thanks… I’ll put those two on the list when we don’t have the kids with us.

    Have you tried El Parian? Its off of Glasgow down there. I went there once after softball and enjoyed it. There’s one near me in Eagan but I’ve never been to that one. I’ve heard good things about Mi Pueblo a couple miles north of Ole Piper.

    El Parian is good. Los Tacos in Rosemount is also good. It’s right by the Cub.

    Sounds good… I’ll check the out.