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I forgot to enter this last night, due to various reasons, but hit up Smokey’s in East Bethel (technically Wyoming?). 1/3 rack of ribs, fresh…good God, they are as excellent as I remember them. Dry rub, they do serve sauce on the side, but meh on that.

I was having a convo with a fellow patron, they had asked to borrow my menu when I was done (we were sitting on the rail), I mentioned I only hit this place once, maybe twice a year. They asked where I was coming from. And it was a jaw-drop reaction. Apparently, word got to the bartender:

“Did you like everything? I heard you’re from out of town….?”

Me: “Um……….yeah, I suppose. Minnetonka.”

“HOLY SH*. Really?”

Me: Yeah, the food’s worth it. It’s only about 45 minutes, no biggie.

They honestly were astounded that people drive that long for good food.