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The Rube wrote:

Karlsson wrote:

Didn’t really go for the restaurant very often, but Gasthof’s is for sale.

For me, it was really only fun if you went with 6+ people for the restaurant/basement bar experience, which didn’t happen often. Dinner for two or something? Not quite that scene. I LOVED the place, for sure. Many good memories there (and for those old enough, their sister restaurant in Montrose, which changed hands many years ago).

Exactly right. This falls into the category of places that I hate to see close but I didn’t help matters by not going there very often. It was a great place for a group gathering (went there on my bachelor party) or group dinner.

Contrary to what some people might think, Gasthof’s is not related to Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater even though their names are so similar.