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trixR4kids wrote:

I need to get Pimento it’s been a while, you’re right about their jerk chicken and I assume the pork is just as good.

Also I hope they’re still doing ok but Harry Singh’s also has jerk chicken/roti and is really good, it’s like two blocks away from there. I remember when the owner told us to try the hot sauce (Caribbean Fire Pepper) and I was able to manage it (keep in mind the jerk chicken is already pretty spicy on its own), but it was definitely a notch higher than most “spicy” stuff in MN. I think he brought a bunch of water to our table and everyone downed it so quickly and he just came back laughing, now with a pitcher of water in hand.

If Saturday night was any indication I’d say they’re hanging in there. It was pretty busy and it’s more conducive to takeout than other places