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The Rube wrote:

Stopped by LTD today, sat at the bar. Noticed the footrail was loose. “Hey [name redacted], you have a drill and/or screwdriver?” “Yeah.” “I need ’em.”

Fixed the footrail, it was driving me crazy.

[Name redacted] “Huh, didn’t notice that before. Well, your bill is taken care of.”


A couple years ago OC Roseville asked me to fix part of the countertop at the end of the bar. I told them it would be a band aid fix. Cause the previous person who attempted to fix it, did not damage then good. In all reality they need a new counter top on that end of the bar. Though it was cheaper for me to band aid fix it. It’s interesting during the pre pandemic days and years when I was a regular at OC and drank how much stuff I noticed that goes and went unfixed. I would fix little things from time to time for them. And wouldn’t expect anything in return. Though I was comped more times than not for helping out. Personally I think some customers just complain and nit pick just because they have nothing better to do. And they wouldn’t do the same if it was theirs.