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Bladepuller wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

Just found out my kid’s hockey coach was the Maroon Loon mascot from UMD. He was the guy who squirted us with his super soaker. And he was involved in the fight for the “chicken head.”

Holy $h!t!

Weren’t you in the middle of one of those tussles?

I think that series is when I met the POI crew at tSportsgarden and Donnie69 (RIP) & Skip.

No. But I started the bounty. I put up the first $20 for the person who was able to get the head off the chicken. And several others added to the pot.

A few groups went to collect the head. One group eventually got to him and tried to tear it off. It was firmly strapped on and the chicken fought back hard and got some good licks in. He was a former marine with combat experience. Fists were thrown. People were kicked out.

It made for quite a story then, and again tonight when we made the connection.