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davescharf wrote:

Karlsson wrote:

Just saw a Grumman Albatross fly over St. Louis Park/Golden Valley. Cool looking plane.

I saw a V-22 Osprey flying overhead in San Diego when I was there. I lived in Army and Air Force towns for 25 years and never had seen one other than at air shows. This one was in helicopter mode too which was cool

I flew into Newark JUST after Obama arrived for a quick speech. Our flight was delayed as they diverted all air traffic from the airport while Air Force One landed. We finally get on the ground and park just across from AF1. I get into my rental car and hit complete gridlock, just outside the airport because they blocked traffic for Obama’s motorcade, which is now returning from said speech (it was that quick).

Just as the motorcade passes by on the opposite side of the freeway, two ospreys take off from just behind the fence next to my car. The sudden volume of noise scared the crap out of me. They took off fast in helicopter mode and quickly transitioned into airplane mode.

It was super bad ass.