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    I just finished the most recent John Sanford “Prey” book; Ocean Prey. I’ve now read the entire series, or at least so far. Now I’ve started his Virgil Flowers series. Flowers is a minor character in the Prey books, a small town Southern Minnesota police officer. All through the Prey series the repeating comment by scores of other characters is “ that f’ing Flowers”. :lol: It’s a mantra. I’m looking forward to more of a deep dive into him.

    I’d started reading the Virgil Flowers books before he started appearing in the Prey series. I’m up to either # 22 or #23 of the Prey series now so it’s less of an issue, but I’ve enjoyed that angle of the stories taking place in small-town MN.

    We need to resurrect the Books thread at some point. I’m starting to be in need of some new things to read again outside of the Mitch Rapp, Scot Harvath, Gabriel Allon type stuff.

    Have you tried the Allen Eskens books? He’s a relatively new MN author. I met him at a discussion of his first book “The Life We Bury.” Interesting guy. His stories are mystery/human interest and take place in MN. He’s up to six books now.

    Thanks! I’m always on the lookout for interesting series and I like mystery/crime. I’ve read all of Jo Nesbo and now other Scandinavian writers are on my list.

    I finished all of James Rollins Sigma Force series last summer. I’m waiting for Kingdom of Bones. I’m not into the technical military stuff, I like crime.