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Found out our eldest (Fr at UM) got s paid internship with Abbot this summer, and they will put him up at a Marriott for the entire duration. I guess brilliance does skip a generation.

Whoa the housing is great. Locally or where is it?

Yes it will be at their Plymouth location. I was really floored by the offer especially for a first year student. I don’t think I knew anyone when I was that age getting something like that.

Yeah a freshman Roland housing provided for someone local. What are they working in? Like what’s their degree?

He’s in engineering and per the offer letter: “We are pleased to offer you the position of Summer Associate-Minnesota Medical Device. We will place

you with our Electrophysiology Operations team (EP Ops)“.

[mention]davescharf[/mention] I believe it’s located on Nathan Lane if that’s the same one you’re referring to.

His brother will attend UM School of Biological sciences in the fall and is already telling the elder to find him connections. :lol: